alexander purcell 


Alex loves movies. It is his life long dream to meet John Carpenter and one day he probably will. Influenced by filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick, John Landers and Dean Cundey, Alex is a talented director and cameraman. His ability to analyse a clients need and find the heart and soul of their project is his greatest ability. His passion lies behind the lens of a camera, as his tool to tell cinematic stories and capture stunning motion pictures. 

Alex’s background began in News and a cameraman. He then pushed into film production as a gaffer.

Alex’s knowledge of cinematography and lighting, combined with Patrick’s understanding of the visual language, has resulted in award winning projects and stunning cinematic motion pictures. 



Pat is a multi talented director and creative problem solver, who excels whether flying solo or working in a collaborative creative unit. He derives his inspiration to match the quality of screen legends such as Wes Anderson, Edgar Wright and many others, and this is reflected in the quality of his work. 

Pat’s relentless curiosity and passion for film has driven him to discover new and diverse ways of making beautiful pictures.  His understanding if visual language allows him to orchestrate an unspoken narrative through the lens of a camera. 



Sami is very organised. In fact, she is 10 times more organised than Pat or Alex (mostly Alex). She is the glue that holds Odyssey together, and keeps Alex dressed. Her skills extend far beyond the admin side of business, into Assistant Directing on set and to hold all assets so the core message of what is being filmed is not being lost. 

She keeps the team on time during shoots and ensures all aspects of production are sorted. She is an essential member of Odyssey.