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Alex loves movies. It is his life long dream to meet John Carpenter and one day he probably will. Influenced by filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick, John Landers and Dean Cundey, Alex is a talented director and cameraman. His ability to analyze a clients need and find the heart and soul of their project is his greatest ability. His passion lies behind the lens of a camera, as his tool to tell cinematic stories and capture stunning motion pictures. 

Alex’s background began in News and a cameraman. He then pushed into film production as a gaffer, which eventually led him to find his true passion as a director and cinematographer.

Alex’s knowledge of cinematography and lighting, visual language, has resulted in award winning projects and stunning cinematic motion pictures. 





Sami the perfect match to Alex's creativity, her methodical and practical approach to all things production shines though with her amazing ability to be completely organised.

Despite having foundations in the field of science, Sami is also an avid wildlife photographer, her zoological background giving her a unique perspective to the world of stills photography.

This combination of creativity and analytical skills allows her to approach briefs with the best of both worlds, ensuring clients get a beautiful end product in an effective and efficient time frame.